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The ILK Dresden researches and develops efficient simulation methods for the behavior of flows with heat transfer and buoyancy effects. A result of this development are special solutions for different applications on the international market.
Visualization of an XLED ceiling by Carl Stahl for a mall in Doha.
Product film on the use of XLED and XTEND by Carl Stahl in architecture
Visualization of a factory building for AIC. Engineering company for construction planning Chemnitz GmbH
Visualization of a new bridge

3D Model Vase
Pfaltz Draft and design of curved glass and showcases, and the design of the brochure for the Pfalz AG
In order to support the construction of the Solitude in Wörlitzer Park, the Solitude building was virtually reproduced in a film and integrated into a film.
Virtual layout of a circuit board socket for a development at AMD.
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