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Opera Снимок

Poetzsch & Sirch website

Design and programming of a new website.

Opera Снимок

water control in baths

Completion of a pilot app on a Samsung Pad to control the water quality in swimming pools.

Duddels TV free

15 computer-animated short films, each approx. 5 minutes long, for children between 3 and 8 years are waiting for you. Have fun! However, an internet connection is required.

Duddels TV

15 computer-animated short films, each approx. 5 minutes long, for children between 3 and 8 years are waiting for you. Have fun! All films can also be played offline.

Duddels trump card

There they are again! The dumplings! And this time they have reshuffled the cards! 32 pieces in number and each card has its own strength! You get 16 and that's exactly how many you get... who actually?

14 great pictures are waiting for you, which you have to put together in four levels of difficulty. You think: "No problem!" Well then just wait and see! Three times three is for the beginners, four times four for the advanced and five times five for the experts among you. But who dares to attempt the highest level, the master level of ten by ten?!

Duddels Ziiip!

Duddels TipTap

There they are again! The Duddels have made it to the App Store with a new idea! But what's on the agenda this time? Quite simply, our five friends want to make themselves unforgettable! Unforgettable? Exactly! As the? With your help! There's hardly anyone who doesn't know how to play Memory, but can you remember our five friends and their world just as well? Figure it out!

Duddels ABC

The beginning is very simple, find the matching pairs of letters and numbers. The Duddels have thrown together a colorful mix of small and large, printed and written letters and numbers for you. But there is not only something for the eyes, but also for the ears. If you want, you can hear each letter out loud and learn it even faster!

"Lock In Place!" is a geometric puzzle game in which your ability to recognize and assign shapes will be challenged and trained. With nine game modes and nine levels each, everyone will find their master level. A simple game to relax and unwind.

Lock In Place!

Good days begin with sunshine and the scent of spring! Today is not such a day. Not only that the coffee is gone, no, your piranha is also going crazy. In a fit of travel mania, he jumped into the neighboring aquarium to the cute, small, colorful and damn tasty guppies. What now?


WT Energiesysteme is a full-fledge EPC contractor that develops turnkey solutions in the field of energy distribution. The excellent technical know-how of our team guarantees our customers that their projects will be implemented on time, on budget and with the right quality.

energy systems


This VICOM editor was developed by WFP Audio-Video-Productions and the company Inoage from 2007 to 2010 on behalf of consortium tp21. Vicom stands for Visual Components. The Vicom program is software that enables the realistic creation of three-dimensional, moving traffic situations. Entire cities can be created like a construction kit, in which every imaginable traffic situation can be simulated. Various influencing factors such as the weather or the lighting conditions and other road users such as motor vehicles, pedestrians or trams can be addressed. Computer-aided learning media have been used for years for training in professions with complex requirements, such as train drivers or commercial pilots. These should now also be used in the driving test.

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